ALM Technologies Inc (ALM) is a precision aerospace manufacturing company providing products to major aerospace suppliers in support of civilian, commercial and military aircraft.  The company was formed in June 2011 by Michael J. Piscatella.  His over forty years of experience managing large and small aerospace businesses with leadership roles at Textron Lycoming, Goodrich Corporation and Tailwind Technologies, Inc.  enable ALM to have the flexibility of a small business while anticipating and satisfying the needs of our large customers.  

Over the 10 plus years of operation ALM has increased its capabilities to include five large and small 5 axis machining centers, four 3 and 4 axis mills, 2 CNC lathes and a CNC Press Brake.  Our workforce of about 20 professionals include manufacturing and quality engineers, senior machinists and support personnel to accomplish all the needed roles of an aerospace company.  

Our products are on many of the commercial, business and military aircraft in service today including fixed and rotary wing.  We can support tooling fabrication, small lots and continual production runs.  ALM offers make to order, short cycle production and consignment services.